What is MCD Connect?

What is MCD Connect?


MCD Connect is designed to do two things; alert you to serious issues with your computer – before they become major problems – and give you a quick and easy way to contact us for any reason at all. The software may be used to request assistance or to ask for advice.

Note: MCD Connect is not a free, bloated addon intended for advertising purposes, it is a premium, licensed software intended to give you quick access to support whenever needed.


How it Works

Designed to be unobtrusive and easy to use, MCD Connect will simply run quietly in the background, allowing you to call upon it if/when you choose and giving you an additional safety should the system develop a fault.  It is very lightweight and will not slow down your computer in any way.

If an problem is detected, requesting assistance will automatically send detailed information of the issue to us. Ensuring that you never have to write down the message or worry about IT jargon. 

This is the baseline software used for many of our business solutions. It can be upgraded with additional services, read more here.


The software will be seen as a green button on the Desktop, or on the Task Bar at the lower right of the screen.

Clicking the “Request a Call” button will send us your message along with your contact information

If a problem with your computer is detected, a small notification will appear along with a “Request Service” button.